Moosecoons Sooleawa Meoquanee
Cameo Classic Tabby & White
born May 21, 2012
Sire: Moosecoons Shiye
Dam: GC Makanacoon Onieda of Moosecoons

My Favorite Color!  Cameo (also known as Red-Silver, which is the proper genetic term)  I love my Soolie's color, rich red tones on top with a clear silver undercoat. 
Sooleawa is Algonquin meaning "silver" and Meoquanee is Cheyenne meaning "wears red" -- as usual I can't pronounce it, but I like Soolie as a call name :-)  She's a trouble-maker, as kittens should be, and she and Goose find constant entertainment in rearranging the house on an hourly basis.

Shown here at 3 months (above), you can see her long muzzle and bubble cheeks (which I love) and her deep strong chin!

 She's another one not so great about having her picture taken, but at right (6 months) she is developing into a lovely young lady.


She really doesn't photograph terribly well - I have to work on some pics of her as an adult! As beautiful as she is, she unfortunately never enjoyed the showhall so she's just a happy "housewife" here.  I'm hoping her lovely babies decide to embark on a show career in her honor.

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