pronounced Ulogeelah Unehgah; alternate pronunciation Puff!

Color: Gold-Eyed White

Birthdate: May 21, 20069

Breeder: Susan Blevins

Owner: Susan Blevins


Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GRC R P Cathouse Wld Thng of Moosecoons
Gold-Eyed White


CH Coonwyck Papollo of R P Cathouse;
Cream classic tabby/white


SGC, RW Sebascos Apollo Moon of Coonwyck; Cream classic tabby EC WW 98/00/01 Guldfakse Chief Two Moons, DM, DSM; Red mackerel tabby

WW 95/96 IC Maine-Mark Dakota;

WW 00 IP Cozy Farm Ginger Rogers;

CH Savincoon Buffy St Marie;
Brown patch tabby

GIC Savincoon Higgins;

Maineguard Cleopatra;

Kittikop Private Eye of Coonwyck; Black tortoiseshell/white CH Texas Belle Girth Brooks of Kittikop;
Cream classic tabby/white

CH Kittikop Badger of Texas Belle;

CH Swanycoon Boni Blush of Texas Belle;

GC Coonwyck Paraphernalia of Kittikop;
Brown patch tabby/white

Bonfires Tabasco of Coonwyck;

SGC, RW Coonwyck Jasmina;

CH N2Katz Butterfly Kisses;
Gold-Eyed White
CH Star Coons Lord O The Dance; Black/white


GC, RW Star Coons Sagebrush Ike;
Brown classic tabby/white
GC, RW Dragonmaine Red E Ornot Here I Come

GC Texas Belle Brite Sky of Star Coons;

CH Coonunnski Cheyenne of Star Coons;
Black & White

GC Cyburcoon Puddy Tat of Coonunnski;

CH Morcoons Dark O The Moon of ABCcats;

Mysti Isle Geidhra of N2Katz; White


GC Islandcats Sand Storm;
Cream-silver mackerel tabby

SGC, RW Islandcats Big Time Blues;

CH Islandcats Little Sister;

Mysti Isle Fenglais; White

GC Mysti Isle Rhuaidhri;

Javacats Tienna Sidhe of Mysti Isle;

Moosecoons Wenonah Kisses;
Black & White


CH Moosecoons Milky Moonstone;
Silver classic tabby
GC Beau-Maine Liluye of Moosecoons; Cameo classic tabby GC Ramshead Dreamweaver of Beau-Maine;
Cameo classic tabby

GC Coonpulsive R2D2 of Amkat;

CH Cameowcoons Blaise of Ramshead;

Unicornfarm Brittany of Beau-Maine;
Silver patch tabby

Morekats Domino of Unicornfarm;

Unicornfarm Desdemona;

CH Moosecoons Donoma; Brown classic tabby CH Coonwyck Orion of Star Ridge;
Blue classic tabby

CH Irishcoons Reiley of Coonwyck;

GC Coonwyck Kaylee;

CH Royalcoons My Mohican of Moosecoons;
Brown patch tabby/white

CH Shadowrock The Emperor Titus;

CH Kitty-Up Octavia of Royalcoon

CH Stacalone Chinook of Moosecoons;
Black & White

CH Coonpulsive Riogrande of Stacalone; Brown classic tabby/white

SGC, RW Coonpulsive Big Bend;
Brown classic tabby

GIC MtKittery Bemis, DM;

Coonpulsive Desert Clouds

Coonpulsive Castine Bay;
Brown classic tabby/white

CH Amkat Reno of Coonpulsive;

CH Luv-A-Coons Meadow Magpie;

CH Stacalone Eleanor Rigby; Brown classic tabby/white


CH XTC Dust-In-The-Wind of Stacalone;
Silver classic tabby

GC Robin-of-The-Hood of XTC;

CH XTC Whispers-Of-The-Dragon;

CH Stacalone Ebony & Ivory;
Black & White

GC Coonpulsive The River of Stacalone

Stacalone Mistic Eyes