CH Moosecoons Popsickle Toes by Des


What a face!




Blue Patch Tabby

June 25, 2001


Her parents are:

CH Mainette Once In A Blue Moose of Star Ridge

& CH Moosecoons Desdemona




Look at those incredible copper eyes!



This is the gorgeous girl I kept from Des' litter.  Though all the girls were quite lovely,

this one just had it all - size, heavy boning and wonderful markings. She's a doll, too!


Here we see the popsicle toes for which she was named :-) Those two creamy ones on her left foot! She's become a big muscular beautiful girl with a Kirk Douglas chin and a temperament that's just phenomenal - she likes to give me kisses on my chin and she pushes her head up next to mine for me to kiss her cheek - what a LOVE!

Popsi has been bred to CH Coonwyck Orion of Star Ridge for her second litter.  Her babies arrived on December 24th - Christmas Babies!  There are 2 cream tabby males, a blue tabby male and a blue tabby female.  :-)

Popsi had her first litter January 2003 - a single beautiful red boy, perfect in every way, who went to live with Fred Weaver in Pennsylvania. The boy's name is CH Moosecoons Sinclair of Mummer's Meow and his dad is Royalcoons Octavian.  He is pictured below at 10 months.

Congrats to Sinclair and Fred Weaver of Mummer's Meow! 

Sinclair made a final at his first show as a Champion, 2nd Best Longhair Champion in show! :-)



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