The Bonnie Page

Olwen is probably the best cat-mom around, even if she is maybe just maybe a TAD obsessive...

She and Alan, her husband, contacted me years ago seeking a red female kitten.  I had one.  She became "Bonnie" and has been living the pampered life ever since!  She's never been in a cat show (though of Course she would win every prize), she has no fancy title; but she IS a princess and She knows it and Olwen and Alan know it and it seems only right that we tell the world.

You see, Olwen sends me pictures - lots and lots of pictures - and I love it. 

I decided Bonnie needed her own page :-)  Such dedicated photography (and on Bonnie's part, dedicated hedony) should be acknowledged ;-) 

The above pics have already been enjoyed on my Silly Pics page.

Unfortunately many other of the earlier pictures she's sent over the years are on a variety of old computers, so I only have a recent few available here ...

I suspect that most of the time when
Bonnie is awake she's too active to photograph,
or I'm hoping so,



because she sure seems to sleep a lot!

In my next life, I want to come back as Olwen's cat!


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