Grand Champion Moosecoons BB






Brown Mackerel Tabby & White

October 16, 2005


His parents are:

GC Moosecoons Red Coon Risin'

& GC Moosecoons Oota Dabun







I am so truly blessed with this goofy boy - offspring born of two home-grown Moosecoons Grands!

His name has so many meanings - started as a quick way of saying Baby - BB Boy; also stands for Bunny's Boy, Baby Bear, Blessed Be, Butter Ball, Bratty Beast ... 

He was a singleton kitten born 3 weeks after a litter of Maggie's - the two moms moved in together and BB got to interact with the older kittens.  While he enjoyed their company, from as early as he could drag himself around, whenever I'd come into the room he'd start crawling up on me and has never stopped.  The dear boy simply adores me and the feeling is well reciprocated!  He frankly has me wrapped around his furry little paw. :-)




At the tender age of 4.5 months he even made a final at his very first show - he loves the show hall and has never met a stranger.  He will cuddle and give kisses to anyone and always wants to play.  Can you tell I'm utterly Besotted By my BB?




My sweet Blessed Be, Bunny's Boy, Big Butt, whatever his name stands for at the moment, became a CFA Grand Champion at the Santa Paws show in Parkville, MD on December 3, 2006. 

Every once in awhile in the crazy roller coaster of heartache and joy of breeding and showing cats, you get a special blessing and BB is one without question.  Like his mother before him, this boy loves the show environment; he is always ready to play, give kisses on request to any and every one and is all around just a big, sweet, silly boy.  I lovingly called him Big Butt and Pear-shaped boy for a couple of his "teenage" months when his head just hadn't caught up to his body, but from his first show as a kitten he has reveled in the attention, playing on the table, loving the handling and has been all around a total joy to show. 





I have to note several special thanks for this miracle boy of mine - firstly to Becky & Dave Lovall who allowed his sweet-tempered and strikingly gorgeous grandmother to come and live with me, GC Coonwyck Talutah of Moosecoons (my Tally Mousch), then Gene and Gigi Haag for allowing Tally to liaison with GC Smokeycoons Ruff Rider of Cabincoon, which created a dear and beautiful girl, GC Moosecoons Oota Dabun (Bunny), who is BB's mom.  On dad's side, Elaine Bowman granted me the privilege of owning and breeding CH Beau-Maine's Nittawosew of Moosecoons (Nita) who went to visit and had a tryst with a truly amazing cat, BW, RW, GC Dorwill Raisin' Kane of Coonalley, DM (big thanks to Elaine Magee!!) and their breeding presented me with GC Moosecoons Red Coon Risin' (Phoenix) who became BB's dad.


One more thank you I cannot ignore, to my cousin and dear friend Donna Ensor and her daughter Tamara -- while waiting for "their" kitten to be born they have worked tirelessly learning the ropes of showing, helping me with the cattery and at the shows.  Tamara has used BB in a couple of Junior Showmanship presentations (after we got permission from the head of the program, since she doesn't actually own him :-) and she has acquitted herself quite well as a Novice.  Tamara has also helped by actually showing BB at many of the shows while I was clerking or vending by meticulously fluffing his ruff and britches, checking to make sure his eyes and nose were perfectly clean, no crud was stuck between his toes and presenting him in the rings with great pride.  Even if we weren't related I'd have to say what wonderful dedicated protégés they are and it's a privilege to mentor this mother-daughter team, besides which their help and support has been monumental, not only in the show ring but in my life :-)  I have so many other friends, fellow exhibitors and supporters too numerous to mention, but have to send a quick hug to Jane, Stella, Liz, Rose, April, Sande and Gracie!

BB granding has marked another milestone for me, being my first 2nd generation Grand Champion, with his mom Bunny being my first "homegrown" Grand Champion female and his dad also a Moosecoons Grand. 



As of November 2010, BB has been neutered and is happily living in the main house and cuddling on Mom whenever he feels the urge!  I'm hoping to ease him back into grooming and showing and if he still likes it, we'll see what he can do in Premiership.  Either way, he can hang out in the house and raise his grandkids/great grandkids over the years, greeting visitors and being a big happy spoiled boy :-)

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