Brown Patch McTabby & White

June 21, 2004


Her parents are:

GC Smokeycoons Ruff Rider of Cabincoon

& GC Coonwyck Talutah of Moosecoons






March 23, 2008:  I am ever grateful that Bunny gave me my dear BB who has been a delight and a wonderful stud boy.  Sadly, he was the only kitten she birthed successfully.  With her 3rd failed pregnancy I had her spayed.  Three months later I brought her out in Premiership and she was so tickled to be back in the show hall... she jumped and rolled and was downright Giddy with excitement!  She truly was born to be a show girl :-)  The judges were greatly impressed with her wonderful muscular body and that gorgeous head of hers and she became a Grand Premier within a few shows.  I'm hoping her coat recovers from the spay soon and we can continue showing her next season, since she is never so happy as when she's performing.




At the CFA NAR Awards show in York, PA on June 11, 2005 Bunny became a Grand Champion!  It only took her 4.5 shows, which is pretty darn good for a female, especially considering the gorgeous cats in competition in our area!  I'm so proud of this girl I could burst! :-)


Beautiful, silly girl!  She looks so much like her mom and has the sweetest disposition.  Bunny chirps at me whenever we make eye contract and loves to roll around in the bathroom sink when I'm trying to wash my face or put my contacts in.  Also like her mom, she gets along with everyone, feline or human, and is always ready to play.  



At just 6 months, she attended the New River Cat Fanciers show in Dover, DE where I was thrilled and honored when Ellyn Honey named Bunny her Best Allbreed Kitten in show!  Ellyn and other judges commended Bunny on her excellent heavy boning and solid body, nice shaggy coat and perfect matchbox muzzle.  In Ellyn's presentation she also mentioned that Bunny has the most perfect eyes she's ever seen on a Maine Coon - the shape, set and expression being "exquisite."



Bunny posing with her beautiful rosettes.  She's already developing a wonderful show personality!  She flirts and rolls on her back in the judging cage and if you wave a toy anywhere near her she starts performing like a pro.  The crowds, the noise, the smells - nothing bothers her, she is a born show off! 

Update, Summer 2009: Bunny has now found her forever home with a lovely family who simply adore her!




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