Champion Moosecoons Chilkat





 cream classic tabby


born on December 24, 2003


His parents are:

CH Coonwyck Orion
of Star Ridge


CH Moosecoons
 Popsickle Toes by Des


Chili's Pedigree



The name "Chilkat" is from
a Pacific Northwest Native American tribe, renowned
for their intricate and beautiful weavings.  I had no intentions of keeping a cream boy - none!  He just wormed his way into my heart with
his sweet affectionate disposition! 


Chili as a kitten - completely irresistible!


Can't say yet how long he'll be kept as a stud but I just adore this boy.   When he is neutered he'll be brought out of the boys' room to live in  "general population". Sometimes choices are made with the heart :-)  Chili is one of those "heart" cats, he's my love.





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