CH, GP Moosecoons Jacy Tyee




Blue-Silver Mackerel Tabby & White

 August 19, 2004


His parents are:

CH Moosecoons Wuyi &

CH Stacalone Chinook of Moosecoons






A few years ago I was approached by David and Debbie Fry who were ready to pursue their dream cat, a Maine Coon.  Upon visiting the house and the litter currently running around here, they fell for a silly red girl they named Mogwat (came to be known as Mug).  Shortly after she turned 4 months there was a show just a few miles from their home and Deb and David thought they'd like to give it a try, so Mug became a show girl.  She did make it a few months into Premiership and picked up a  few points and a rosette or two, but as I explained to the Fry's, red girls have their own opinions about what they want to do and Mug decided that while she didn't totally hate the bathing and blow-drying, and she liked the shows okay, she really didn't like the whole judging part! 




Meanwhile David was bitten by the show bug and for his next birthday his present to himself was a show boy, and that was JT.  We decided to co-own him so David could show him in Championship and I retained the option of using him as stud.  This very sweet boy grew into a handsome young fellow with phenomenal coat and a gentle, easy going show disposition.  Unfortunately the judges just never really appreciated him, tho we aren't entirely sure why not ;-)  As of this writing (December 4, 2006) JT is expecting a couple of litters and plans are to have him neutered in the near future and eventually bring him out in Premiership.  I'm very excited to see what his kittens look like!  After a frustrating year of showing, David displayed a devilish sense of  humor with a "non-grand" cake at his last show, with a nice picture of JT and the words: "Retired - Judges did not like him"
All the exhibitors at the show got a big chuckle out of it.



JT did give us a couple of really lovely litters in the meantime!  He is the dad of Keno and Watumpka of Aslanspaw :-)



March 23, 2008:  In premiership JT seemed to blossom and the judges just loved him! He granded at the Mad Catters show in Frederick Maryland and I couldn't be more proud!  Next cake was a Grand Cake! :-)



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