Color: Cameo Classic Tabby
Birthdate: May 28, 2002
Breeder: Elaine Bowman



Susan Blevins

(now owned by Ulrike Illia in Austria)

Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GC Ramshead Dreamweaver of Beau-Maine; Cameo classic tabby GC Coonpulsive R2D2 of Amkat; Cameo classic tabby SGC/GC Amkat Remington Steele; Silver classic tabby TGC Maineline Spenser of Kittycoon; Brown mackerel tabby

SGC MtKittery Rumford of Maineline

Purricoon Katie of Maineline
Yofranlin Snow Crystal of Amkat; White CH Mary B Chief White Cloud
CH Boone Glorious Ermine of Yofranlin
CH Navkatz Sea Breeze of Coonpulsive; Smoke tortie/white SGC/GC MtKittery Eliot of Navkatz; Red classic tabby SGC/GC MtKittery Penobscot, OS
GC MtKittery Dresden
QGC Meunerie Made of CountryCousin; Silver cl tabby/wht SGC Meunerie Summer Drinkwater
Meunerie Louise Bogan
CH Catz-Azz Blaise of Ramshead; Brown patch tabby CH Lakecountry Cochise of Pawstuctaway; Red classic tabby/white GC Syracoon Pathfinder of Lakecountry; Red classic tabby CH Yanikat Barry Mainilow of Syracoon
CH Kanab Luanne's Naomi of Syracoon,DM
CH Franmar Lady Liberty of Lakecountry; Blue tortie/white Willabelle Grand Slam Sam
CH Franmar Blu Starr
CH Great Works Shoshonee of Cameowcoons; Solid Black

Chief Dakota of Great Works;

 Brown classic tabby

Kavekats Robin Goodfellow
Tabbytha Pouncequick
Seascape Juliet of Great Works; Brown classic tabby SGC Willowplace Argus of Seascape
CH Le Beau Minu Liza of Seascape
Unicornfarm Brittany of Beau-Maine; Silver patch tabby CH Morecats Domino of Unicornfarm; Brown classic tabby/white CH Skimble King-of-Hearts of Morekats; Red classic tabby/white CH Amkat Maximilliam of Calimar; Red classic tabby/white SGC Amkat Nicholas
CH Pawcatuck Anastasia of Amkat
CH Calabash Red Wing of Skimble; Red classic tabby/white GC,GP Calabash Cooper
Calabash Marie Antionette
CH Joppacats Lady Josie of Morekats; Blue patch mctabby/white GC Kanab Luanne's Bryce of Joppacats; Red cl tabby/white GC Kanab Oak Creek Canyon
GC Kanab Luanne's Lake Havasu City

Joppacats Shawnee;

Blue patch tabby/white

GC,RW Kanab Luanne's Acoma, DM
CH Mainetara Lady Ashley of Joppacats
Unicornfarm Desdemona; Silver classic tabby/white Unicornfarm Aah Pooh of Katchela; Blue/white Sunfall Q; Blue mctabby/white Abristine A Touch of Class
CH Doxaby Ilya of Sunfall
Sunfall Eclipse; Black smoke Smokey Quartz of Sunfall
CH Sunfall Fiona
Mewamor Elaine; Brown patch tabby/white Beiryhil Blaze O Glory of Mewamor; Brown cl tabby/white GC Riversyde Beau Geste of Beiryhil
CH Nantiss Scheherazade of Beiryhil
Mewamor Red Skies At Night; Brown patch tabby/white CH Catch-A-Penny Still Burn For You
Nite Stalker Pansy of Mewamor

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