What a dreamboat!




Cameo classic tabby

May 28, 2002


His parents are:

GC Ramshead Dreamweaver of Beau-Maine
Unicornfarm Brittany of Beau-Maine





Thank you to Elaine Bowman of Beau-Maine

for my gorgeous studmuffin!


Okay - let's show him young and adorable first - scroll to the bottom for updated pictures of my gorgeous studly boy!

The term "Cameo tabby" means he is basically a red tabby with a silver undercoat which leaves only the tips of his fur with red flash. This is my favorite color - so soft and beautiful, and the goofy red personality comes through loud and clear!


Liluye is a Native American Miwok name meaning (I love this!) "Singing Chicken Hawk that soars". Okay, I admit it, I chose this one strictly for it's entertainment value - there is no deeper symbolic meaning!  Louie attained his CFA Grand Champion title in just 5 shows and as a bonus he earned enough points in those 5 shows as an adult during the 2002-2003 show season to be named 2nd best in color class for the Southern Region.

Louie has fathered many beautiful children for me.  Wookie, Mac, Spunky and Minnie are staying on with Moosecoons, as well as a couple of other handsome children who have gone to live in other breed or show homes.  Unfortunately, Louie doesn't like other males - any other males!  He'd even fight with my altered boy Zuni if he'd sneak in the room... so, I had to make some tough decisions.




My friend Ulrike of Coonity in Austria was in love with Louie and we talked for many months about him going to live with her and contribute his wonderful pedigree to her breeding program for a short while before he would be neutered and given the life of Riley as a spoiled and pampered prince.  I was adamant that Louie would not be "shipped" to Europe - at two years old I didn't want him to go through the trauma!  If she wanted him she had to come get him and fly him back in-cabin with her.  So, in March 2004, Ulrike flew to the US and spent a few days with us, even sleeping on an air mattress in Louie's room to get him used to her - they bonded immediately!  

Louie now has an outdoor run in which to play and sniff and roll and Ulrike and her breeding partner Waltraud of
Athabaske in Austria absolutely adore him.  He's a total love-bug and has settled in very quickly.  In the next few months I expect we'll be seeing Louie's new Austrian babies :-)





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