Grand Premier Kanab Luanne
Zuni Bear King




Brown Classic Tabby & White

September 9, 1999


His parents are:

CH Noogats Rhone-Ranger of Kanab

& Kanab Luanne's Tlingit Moosekitty


It is with heavy heart I post my sad news... Kanab Luane Zuni Bear King has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

My Zuni Bear was my first born, and has been such a part of my heart and my cattery, his loss leaves a great void. I remember his birth and watching he and his siblings grow and delight me. I remember the thrill of his first show, bringing home a rosette at the tender age of 4 months and a day :-)
Over the years he tolerated new kittens coming and going, made friends with pet buyers and even has a small fan club among those who have come to the house to buy kittens. He was such a big weenie - a huge boy (yes, definitely overweight, but he was still incredibly handsome and so majestic!), the girls at half his size could intimidate him and he would run from an 8 week old kitten! He spent the last several years of his life in the safety of the stud room, with no girls or scary kittens. He would lay here next to me as I worked on the computer and often interupt my typing by using his massive paws to drag my hand over where I could scratch his neck.
In the past few weeks he seemed to age at such an advanced rate, I knew his end was coming even though I wasn't ready. We have had some very special time together the last couple of days and then this morning I found him - he passed gently in his sleep for which I am so thankful.
Another star graces the heavens and my sweet boy waits for me on the other side. Walk in beauty my Zuni Boo



This little guy was my first born and sucked his way into my heart very quickly ;-) Just look at that face and you can understand! He had his first show at the tender age of 4 months +1 day and came home with a rosette for 6th best kitten. He showed 5 times as a kitten and always came home with rosettes, and he earned
his Grand title in his third show as an adult at 10 months old.



Zuni's name came from the Native American tribe Zuni and the very powerful totem they revere - the Bear - The Zuni Bear totem is symbolic of great wisdom and strength.

The King part of his name is in honor of my dear Aunt who passed away shortly before Zuni was born. Aunt Sis loved cats and she was very beautiful as well - I think she'd approve of her namesake :-) even if there are significant personality differences... Aunt Sis was always on the go and, well, Zuni's a little lazy sometimes!



Asleep on the chair
 at 7 months. What a nut case - this boy constantly delights me with his antics.



Here he is reclining
on my lap and gazing
at me in such adoration
 - how can you not love
that face??


Zuni is pictured above at 11 months with his full younger brother,

GC Moosecoons Cherokee Cinnamon Sugar, as a kitten




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