Grand Champion Moosecoons Bizhiw


Moosecoons Bizhiw


Brown Classic Tabby & White

June 2, 2013

This beautiful boy is out of Puff and the very handsome Bruno - thanks to Elaine Magee for hosting their tryst!  He won my heart as a baby, and I just think he gets better looking every day.  He's my cuddle companion and curious mischief maker and I'm excited to watch him develop into such a typey young man.


These photos were taken at an overnight stay in a fancy hotel - Buzzy seemed to really enjoy the amenities!

I love his nice clean profile and strong broad muzzle, and everyone goes gaga over his crazy lynx tips. My one breeder friend calls them "Lee Press-on Lynx Tips", swearing I must apply them before every show <gg>

It's really fun to watch visitors at the show stop at his cage and see them wave their fingers over their heads indicating his crazy topped ears - I think that must be his name in ASL...

And it's those insanely long lynx tips that led to his name: Bizhiw is the Ojibwa name for the Lynx.  I have no idea how it should be pronounced, but Buzzy sound silly and fun and fits his personality!  I actually knew a guy named Buzzy once and he was a really nice man...


Buzzy seems to be enjoying his show career, and certainly enjoys any time he gets to spend with mom, whether cuddling or playing... and I think he's also looking forward to meeting some lady cats!  I only hope his kittens are as sweet and lovely as he is, and I really hope they get those crazy ears from him too!


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