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Just for fun

Some things that make me smile or make me laugh out loud, plus a couple of things that I just love to watch!

I love music and get a particular kick out of humorous songs, so some of my fav's are here, though they may not be in everyone's taste!  Not all music, but does seem to be predominant...
I'm sure I'll be adding to this page as things show up or occur to me :-)  Hope you enjoy!

My latest obsession - Eddie Izzard has to be one of the most delightful, talented, witty and just plain freaking funny guys on the planet, start with the video of "Dress to Kill" (from Amazon or Netflix)
- soon you too will be asking the age old question "Cake or Death?"

For a quick giggle, check out a few LOLCATS any day you need a lift...

These short animations by Simon Tofield are unbearably cute!  There are several on U-Tube ... in this link the hungry cat goes to increasingly desperate measure to awaken his owner

Simon's Cat

My boy Willy - his song!
not so much funny, unless you count the 80's glam-rock look of the band, just a great song!
literal translation video
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Incredibly cute kitten misheard lyrics too funny!
Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners
Chris Bliss, Golden Slumbers
this video is incredible, the choreography of dancing balls to such a complex musical piece, not just juggling it's artistry
Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog
this piece of work may not appeal to everyone but I adore it!  Neil Patrick Harris is an incredible actor who's talents have been so often underused and surprise surprise the man can sing.  The original songs are brilliant.  Joss Whedon put this mini-movie together on a show-string budget, giving it a home-made feel that really works with the story. You can watch it over and over and keep catching little throw-aways that are just bloody hysterical. Unfortunately you have to keep loading the next clip to catch the whole show, about 45 minutes I think... or you can order from Netflix or download from i-tunes

Official Fan Site for Dr Horrible
Tom Lehrer, true genius!
This guy was so far ahead of his time.  He taught at MIT and made his music, as a graduate of Harvard (at the ripe old age of 18) he made great fun at the expense of the "old guard"   In his humor, nothing and no one was sacred, and keep in mind his career spanned the 50's and 60's when Father Knows Best and Leave it Beaver were the American Images...
Here are a couple of my favorites:

National Brotherhood Week

A quick jab at Catholocism

For more information on this brilliant satirist:

If you just need a quick MontyPython fix:

Politically incorrect warning: 
this guy is so incredibly rude!  and sometimes crude!
His songs make me laugh hysterically, and the best part is he's got a great voice and the man can play the guitar.  This is just one fun animated video of one of his top songs:
Stephen Lynch, Special Fred
you can check out some of his live videos too, he's pretty cute.


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