CH, GP Moosecoons Volare Tiponi

"Ray Ray"

proudly owned and shown by Joyce Beddow
of Mt Airey, MD, a D*G person!

Silver Patched tabby with White

GRC Moosecoons BB
 CH Moosecoons Yakama



Even as a kitten this girl showed great type and promise!  She had a lovely clear silver coloring and a wonderful head!  The only thing lacking was the weight.  I kept her and her sister for a while, did Champion Ray Ray and even picked up a point or two in Championship... but with all her beauty and balance, she was a feather-weight!


Joyce has been breeding Collies since 1964.  Her Kennel name is TEDJOI. She has bred 54 champions in her breeding career and is also a licensed AKC judge of Collies and Shelties and Junior Showmanship in AKC.

She has owned cats all her life and had the pleasure of a Maine Coon's company in the past, so she knew how social they are and Joyce and her dog Sparkle both wanted a new buddy in the house.




One day Joyce came to visit and she was quite smitten with Ray Ray.  She was immediately drawn to her very curious and friendly disposition and of course that gorgeous face!  And so Ray Ray was spayed and went to live with Joyce and her Smooth Collie companion, Sparkle.

Joyce's D*G friends would all come to admire Ray Ray and many asked "how did you find a cat the same color as your Collie?"  Sparkle is a blue merle, a color that Joyce specialized in when she raised Champion show dogs, and the silver patch tabby has the same coloration and patterning!

CH. TEDJOI Sparkling Valentine & CH, GP Moosecoons Volare Tiponi at home
(Sparkle & Ray Ray)

Joyce would visit me at local shows and often remarked "Ray Ray is as pretty as any of these cats" So I said, "Why don't you show her then?" ... and Joyce said, "But she's been spayed."  "You can still show her in Premiership!" I told Joyce.  She got very excited; having come from a dog background, she didn't realize that the Cat Fancy allows alters to be shown to titles just as important as those on our breeding cats.

Joyce went home that day and started planning...

The one thing Ray Ray had a problem with was the bathing!  She enjoyed the shows, meeting new people has never been a problem for her and she loves to play.  After being spayed she filled out to a big healthy girl and her coat came in like gangbusters!  But she really hates being bathed - I mean people have bled giving this girl a bath!  Thankfully (and not surprizingly) she granded very quickly, with many judges remarking on her lovely mature body and coat and of course that amazing head.

Ray Ray earned her Grand Premier title at the Freestate show in Timonium, Maryland in September 2010.  Joyce is hoping to get her to the Greater Baltimore show for one last presentation as a Grand, if she can find someone to brave the bathing fury!  Either way, there will be a party!  Yeah for Ray Ray and Joyce!

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