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A dog and miscellaneous cats and kittens live in my home.  I don't have a separated space, so when you walk in the front door you will be greeted by any number of furry faces! 

Before you come: be aware that perfumes and colognes may cause kittens to steer away from you - cats are very scent oriented and my guys are not accustomed to these odors. 
Also, choose your wardrobe to be less of a hair-magnet! Wool Flannels and chenilles are not good choices ...

Rule number 1 - watch your step, shuffle in quickly and get the door closed behind you; often it takes kittens some time to not dash at an open door. My home can be overwhelming at first - I have a bench next to the door and s
omeone is always up there seeing who's coming in, the dog likes to come up and check out visitors (and bark at them with exuberance), and kittens may be intrigued by the smell of the outdoors and be looking to slip between your legs and OUT.  Please, don't give me a heart-attack - get in and pull the door behind you!

#2 - don't squeal or lunge after a kitty - loud unexpected noises will make kittens and several adults scatter. Some cats really don't like being picked up, and will get very annoyed and squirmy.  How would you feel if a complete stranger came into your home and gave you a hearty bear hug and a big old kiss on the lips?  Cats have a personal space too, you need to respect it.

#3 Come in and please have a seat - we will bring out toys and get everyone's attention very quickly! Another thing kittens haven't learned yet is staying out from under your feet and it's very easy to step on a foot or a tail and cause a major injury.  So many people say, "Oh, I'm fine I won't step on anyone" but I'm a very anxious mother and I really want people to SIT. 

#4 Particularly when kittens are younger and haven't had much experience with new people, a calm attitude will make them comfortable more quickly. About 95% of the household will be immediately drawn to us waving toys around and playtime is infectious.  Let the kittens get used to your presence and come to you or let me pick them up and handle them with you.  Until closer to 4 months, kittens are generally much more interested in playing or eating and interacting with their mother and the other kitties - humans may make a nice pillow when they're all tired out but they're not usually the first choice at this age :-)  Some kittens develop an affinity for humans very young, but don't expect them to want to be handled and cuddled by a new person right away.

#5 Children must be obedient.  I love having kids in the house, and the kittens love it too, but realize that my first priority is the safety and comfort of my critters.

#6 - Don't expect "house beautiful" - I jokingly refer to my home as the house of hair :-)  I share my space with cats, kittens and a mischievous dog; there is hair, there are toys, there are litter boxes and there are the occasional hairballs that get thrown up.  I clean constantly and strive to keep a hygienic atmosphere for all my furry ones and myself.  It's a small house and neatness has never been a big priority in my life, so there's a lot of clutter and the cats and kittens frequently contribute to the general chaos.  My boys have their own room, but otherwise the cats have the run of the house. No one is caged.  My kittens are well socialized and my cats are happy and that's more important to me than keeping a perfectly presentable house. If you're not comfortable with that, you might find a breeder who keeps their cattery separate from the house!

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