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Sold To:  ________________________________________________    Date:  ____________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Day #: ______________  Eve #: _________________ Email: __________________________


Description: ____________________________________________________________________

Sire: __________________________________________________________________________

Dam: _________________________________________________________________________

DOB: _________________________________________________________________________



For purposes of this sales agreement, “Moosecoons” will refer to the cattery and/or the individual Susan Blevins, owner of the Moosecoons name.  Should any provisions within this contract be not upheld by purchaser this contract will be considered null and void and all responsibilities of Moosecoons/Susan Blevins are rescinded. This agreement is entered into between Buyer and Breeder for their mutual protection and especially for the protection and well-being of the Cat/Kitten.


______  I (purchaser, signed below) state that I accept responsibility of ownership of this cat and that I will provide all necessary care and premium nutrition and regular veterinary care and I will keep it safe indoors at all times in a clean and healthy household environment. The cat will not be exposed to circumstances (including rambunctious/aggressive children or animals) that may cause it harm or undue distress. The cat will always be treated with care and respect. 


______ When being transported by vehicle, the cat will always be safely confined in an approved cat carrier.


______ The cat will not be left alone for any period of more than 48 hours without a reliable caretaker to feed, change the water and clean the litter box.


______  The cat will not be sold or given to another individual. Ownership is NOT TRANSFERABLE other than as provisioned below.


______  If, at any point in the life of the cat, I find I am no longer able to properly care for or provide a suitable home for the cat, or in the event of death or indisposition of the owner, the breeder must be contacted for right of first refusal, unless previous arrangements have been made with Moosecoons' acceptance.


______ Moosecoons contact information should be given to a trusted friend or relative for reference in case of emergency, in case the cat needs immediate rehoming for any reason.


______   In case of death of cat before the age of 6 years, Purchaser agrees to pay for a certified Pathological Veterinarian necropsy, including all attendant tissue and other necessary lab work to maximize definitive diagnosis, to determine cause of death. 


______  Kitten will be Spayed or Neutered NO LATER THAN the age of 8 months – between 5-6 months is suggested, before sexual hormones start inciting changes in behavior.  The kitten/cat will not be declawed.


I have read and understand the above Contract and Guarantee and I agree to the terms set forth.


__________________________________       ________________________________

signature of Purchaser                                   signature of Moosecoons (breeder)

                                                                             Susan K. Blevins

                                                                             72 S. Ralph Street

                                                                             Westminster, MD 21157






Your Maine Coon Kitten's Diet:

see the link below to purchase a bag of Life's Abundance before your kitten arrives - if you have other cats in the household start transitioning them over to the new food 2-3 weeks before the kitten comes.  Start with one part Life's Abundance to 3 parts their accustomed dry -- add a little more of the new food to their bowl every other day until they're eating only Life's Abundance.  You'll be impressed with how much less they need to eat to feel full, the glossy healthy coats and smaller litter box deposits! 

improve your pets' health and vitality

one amazing food for all life stages

I free feed dry in my household, but if you see your cats getting chubby you may have to limit the amount of dry they consume AND spend extra time playing with them to make sure they are getting enough exercise and are not eating out of boredom.  During their growth period, kittens and young adults need constant access to dry food and will eat off and on all day long.

Be sure fresh clean water is available at all times.



Once daily - 1/2 to 1 can Life's Abundance Instinctive Choice premium canned cat food or pet-specific raw diet (most of mine like the two mixed together about half and half).  If stools are slightly loose, a teaspoon of canned pumpkin once a day will help to firm them.  Loose stools in the first days of a new home may be related to stress, however if stools remain loose for several days, kitten appears to not be eating or drinking properly for up to 24 hours or if kitten appears listless, check with your veterinarian immediately.  Kittens have had very little issue with re-homing diarrhea problems since I've changed them over to the Life's Abundance diet.

I use and recommend Blue Ridge Beef raw pet food

We have a distributor in Northern Virginia who attends many of the local shows and she also ships orders.  Raw Meat is a totally natural and healthy diet for your cat, who is an obligate carnivore.  Even pet-specific raw is not however nutritionally complete, so I don't recommend feeding a strictly raw diet but using it daily in place of in conjunction with canned food.

Click the logo to left to link to the Best of Breed, LLC website for products and ordering information....


I strongly recommend feeding Life's Abundance premium food and treats throughout your pets' lives to maintain the best health. For more information about nutrition and why I choose Life's Abundance, click here...



Guarantee by Breeder:


Breeder guarantees that the cat listed above is purebred Maine Coon Cat with a certified pedigree and is eligible for registration with the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). Note: Cats are also eligible for registration with any other association (TICA, ACFA, etc) but Moosecoons deals solely with CFA and does not have paperwork for other registrars readily available. All efforts to assist in completing and submitting this paperwork will be made if you wish to register in an association other than CFA.

Breeder further guarantees that this Maine Coon Cat  is negative for FelV and FIV at the time of leaving the cattery and is in general good health. It is the new owners' responsibility to have the kitten checked by their vet within 7 days and tested before the kitten is exposed to other pets in the home.  The purchaser will be supplied with an accurate record of kitten vaccinations and veterinary certificate.  Cats in this breeding program have been tested for, and found free of HCM, which does not preclude the incidence of HCM showing up at any time.

There is no guarantee for kittens or cats when tested for coronavirus, as the test is not specific to a single coronavirus.


This guarantee is voided if the buyer chooses to use the FIP vaccine, as FIP may be potentiated by vaccination; or if the buyer chooses to use the FelV vaccine, if kitten/cat is declawed or if kitten/cat is allowed loose outdoors unleashed.


Purchased as a PET, this kitten (cat) is guaranteed for the first 2 years against any genetic problem so severe that it prevents the animal from living a normal life as a pet. Should such a defect occur, written documentation and an oral confirmation between breeder and certified veterinarian is required to verify that the problem is indeed genetic in nature. Breeder shall also have the right to request confirming consult with Breeder's Veterinarian. Should such defect occur and be confirmed, the Breeder's sole responsibility is to provide another kitten for the buyer as soon as a comparable kitten becomes available. The original cat remains the responsibility of the Buyer. Breeder has no responsibility for any veterinary bills or any other expenses incurred in caring for the cat once it has left the breeder's cattery. No cash refunds are offered or implied. Deposit and purchase price of kitten/cat are understood to be non-refundable.


I have read and understand the above Guarantee and it's provisions and I agree to the terms set forth. Should the Buyer fail to honor the terms of this agreement, the Cat shall be forfeited to Breeder's possession without compensation.

It is the intent of the Breeder/Seller and Buyer that this agreement shall constitute a legally binding contract, representing the entire agreement between the parties. Neither party shall have the right to modify it except by mutual agreement, in writing. Changes and additions to this contract must be initialed by all parties. By signing this agreement, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, agrees to, and has received a copy of this agreement.


_____________________________________             ________________________________

signature of Purchaser (or agent if under 18)               signature of Breeder




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