"Itty Bit"


 Silver Patch Tabby & White

August 16, 2008


Her parents are:

CH Just Cat NN Acey Mac of Makanacoon

& CH Makanacoon It's All About Me




You may know Oneida is a Native American tribe of upstate New York, but the meaning of the name is "eagerly awaited", which is certainly fitting.  Just for a giggle it's also the name of a famous fine silver company and she IS after all silver as well as fine. :-)  When she first came to me I didn't have a name for her yet and just used the generic endearment "Itty Bitty" -- oddly, she seemed to really respond to it. so that misnomer became her call name.  She has a solid body and good boning, especially for a silver girl and her markings are so flashy!  She quickly decided I belonged to her and became velcro within a very short time.  I love her strong square muzzle and her beautiful amber eyes and she's incredibly dear.  With her diverse pedigree she will be an excellent addition to my breeding program.  Big thanks for Pat Taylor for this very special girl!


(enjoying deli turkey at the show!)




To my great joy, Itty Bit attained her Grand Champion title at the
Freestate/Maine Street show in Timonium, September 26-27, 2009. 
Her breeder Patricia Taylor was on-had to get some lovely photos. 
We were both very proud of this beautiful girl who granded in just 4 shows!






At a mere 4 months of age, you could already see her wonderful boning, and what a flashy
little girl she is!






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