Dogs and Cats

Your place or mine?




Professional all breed pet groomer
since 2001

Plain or Fancyy
breed specific pet clips or mutt cuts

de-shedding, de-matting, shave downs

Cats too!  Shave or Bathe
(you might need to help hold them :-)



I've been grooming my own dogs and
cats for over 20 years. 
In 2001, I trained under an award
winning professional groomer
in Baltimore as an all-breed groomer.

I have grooming facilities at my home in
Westminster, MD for cats and smaller
dogs.  I also have many clients who prefer
"house-calls".  I carry all my tools and
supplies, use your sink or tub and your
towels.  I'm very good at this, leaving not
a hair for you to clean up afterwards! 


Many pets benefit from being groomed in the comfort of their own home.  A grooming shop is full of strange animals, some displaying great anxiety, a lot of barking, a lot of smells and sensory input, and it can be a scary scary place for some pets.  When I groom at home, I schedule clients one at a time, for their comfort and security. 

I want the pet to always feel calm and comfortable, which makes the grooming process much less traumatic.
The animals' well-being is my first concern, and I work with gentle and firm control. I can give you hints and
training on how to maintain your pet's coat at home between groomings and also on better control of a difficult pet.  I highly recommend Cesar Milan's techniques, (The Dog Whisperer), who's key phrase is "calm and assertive" for
the handler, seeking a "calm and submissive" attitude in the pet. I love that he started his career as a groomer :-)

Email me with a contact phone number if you'd like to discuss an appointment for grooming!  I'll call you within
a couple of days :-)  Please tell me if you'd prefer to come to me in Westminster or, if you would like a
home-grooming, please tell me where you live.  I travel anywhere in the Westminster/Hampstead area,
Hunt Valley, Owings Mills and Pikesville to the edge of Baltimore City.


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