GC Moosecoons Shania of Coonalley




April, 05, 2008


GRC Moosecoons BB x

CH Stacalone Chinook of Moosecoons


Owned by Elaine Magee of Coonalley (left) Shania has shown well, here being awarded
Best Maine Coon Kitten in Show at the Maine Coon Cat Club of New Jersey's annual
CFA specialty show by CFA NAR Director Debbie Kusy (right)





Unfortunately Shania wasn't able to conceive and had to be spayed.  She now lives in a wonderful pet home where she is (quite obviously) queen of the castle!


She has her own little boy to cuddle with...



and her own afghan and even a "hello kitty" doll!
How good can life get?


I just think this is one of the cutest darn pictures I've ever seen!

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