Tally Ho!

What a gorgeous big girl she is!



Red mackerel tabby (genetically solid) 

March 14, 2002


Her parents are:

CH Coonwyck Remembering Emma

& Bonfires Tabasco of Coonwyck



Many Thanks to Becky and Dave Lovall
Coonwyck for letting me have this darling!


Her name, Talutah, is Native American Choctaw for "blood red". Interestingly I chose this name for her before Becky told me Tally has a grandmother back in Germany named Cholula - very funny! She has ended up having more nick-names than any cat in my house, though. Among them we have Tally Ho!, Tally Wacker, Tallysandra (roll the "r" - it's very latina), Tallyroushka (for those days she pretends to be a Russian Princess) Tallahassy, Tally Mon (the banana boat song?) and Tally Monster... Although these days she's mostly know as Tally Mousch, or Mouschy girl, because she's such a mouschy love bug!

She has a magnificent strong muzzle, beautiful ears and heavy body she will make a wonderful contribution to my breeding program. She loves to play, and she gets along with everyone in the house.



At the Moorestown CFA show on November 29, 2003 my darling Mouschy girl became my first female Grand Champion!  A red mackerel female Maine Coon is probably one of the hardest cats to show to this title, so it was an especially sweet achievement.  She is such a beauty, I knew she'd get there. :-)




Tally and  Louie's first litter of kittens arrived May 28, 2003.  She was a great and very protective mom.  They have a red classic female (Moosecoons Sanuye of RP Cathouse - "Sanu") and a cameo mackerel male (Moosecoons Wuyi - "Wookie") - pictured above.  Tally's second litter was with GC Smokeycoons Ruff Rider of Cabincoon which produced my lovely and homebred GC Moosecoons Oota Dabun - "Bunny" and her sister Moosecoons SakariAyasha of Coonwyck - "Turkey" who lives with Tally's breeders.



Tally lounging at 4 years old




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