Maine Coon Cat Coonalley Weeko of Moosecoons -  Maine Coon Cat Coonalley Weeko of Moosecoons  -Maine Coon Cat Coonalley Weeko of Moosecoons






 Blue Classic Tabby

May 21, 2008


Her parents are:

Coonalley Macanudo &

Coonalley Uptown Girl






I get accused of using goofy call names sometimes (will never live down Gerbil) and I really like repeated little sounds (BB, Ray Ray, you get the picture...) so when this darling blue girl came to live with me I just called her "Pretty Pretty" for about 2 weeks.  When I went to my Native American databases to look for a registered name there it was!  Sioux for "Pretty Girl", so she became Weeko.
She has such a sweet little reserved personality, loves to cuddle and purr purr purr.  I love her soft blue coloring and she also has a nice pattern for a dilute, and of course the strong square muzzle that Coonalley is famous for :-)  Elaine knew I'd been wanting a blue classic for years, and I was very close to stealing away with a very handsome boy she had out last year (GRC Coonalley's Gamblin' Blues) so when she repeated the breeding and came out with three lovely blue girls I was first in line!  She's a dear and I couldn't be more thrilled with her. 
Thanks Elaine!




Ballerina photo courtesy of Keith Kimberlin - Thanks Keith!



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