Blue Patched Classic Tabby & White
April 24, 2010


Moosecoons Shiye

Moosecoons Wenoneh Kisses
(Kissy Girl)


My beautiful Kimmy, who adores me to the point of distraction (most of my phone conversations are frequently interrupted with "stop Kimmy, No Kisses, down Kimmy..." LOL - she definitely inherited the Kissing Gene!  Considering both her mother and her grandfather (BB) have it, guess it's no surprise :-)

She also inherited her mother's wonderful wide open expression.  She actually reminds me most of Zak's mom, Popsickle, who is such a part of my heart - one of the dearest cats I have ever known.

Kimmy's other favorite sport is the kitchen faucet (which Popsi also loved) - if I turn on the water for any reason, she's right there to grab a drink or just splash around!  I had to get special no-splash bowls for the house, because she'll happily spread an entire 5 quarts all over the kitchen floor!  Uh, the dogs like a drink now and then too?
Her name is in the Shoshone language and means "Butterfly".  It reflects her beautiful mingling of soft blue and cream and the butterfly across the shoulder blades that is part of the classic pattern she sports.  I love her color!   She also has a damn near perfect profile and a lovely head and coat.  I'm pretty tickled with her.

Of course when I  named her I wasn't thinking of the confusion I'd set up for myself with Kissy/Kimmy - it reminds me of my own mother who called my brother, sister and I by whichever name came out of her mouth at that moment (most often I was Susan but I still turn around if someone calls Linda or even Keith!)

It doesn't help either that she is even more of a "kissy girl" than her mother, Kissy Girl <vbg>


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