"Kissy Girl"


Black & White

November 17, 2006


Her parents are:

CH Moosecoons Milky Moonstone &

CH Stacalone Chinook of Moosecoons





Wenonah is Sioux for "giving" and Kissy Girl got her name for "giving kisses."  I hadn't planned on keeping her-she's too low white to make it as a show cat (judges don't usually like bi-colors with less than 1/3 total white) but as she matured her type and amazing personality kept drawing me in.  She's very hard to get good pictures of her being she's so dark so she went to a show to have professional ones taken and her true beauty is well captured in them. 






This girl is so dear!  She's friendly and outgoing with visitors, very affectionate with me and gets along great with everyone in the house.  She's also a great mom.  Her kittens seem to have her easy going sweet disposition and beautiful type :-)  She has given me both Puff and Kimmy, two girls I adore, and her children grace several happy pet homes as well.



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