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Beyond the first five ingredients (Dogs)

I thought we had to feed kittens/puppies and seniors a different diet from young adults?



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My Zak and his Upper Respiratory issues
After years of fighting snot balls and watery eyes from chronic allergies, I had resigned myself that poor Zak had some ultra sensitivity and would always be affected. Who knew that FOOD would be the fix? 
I started adding Life's Abundance in with their Royal Canin Maine Coon and Sensitive 33 formulas toward the end of August. 
Toward the end of September I started feeding my studs Life's Abundance exclusively.  I already suspected Zak was doing better, because he seemed to be having less hairball activity and I could swear he was putting on a little weight (he's always been on the thin and rangy side, which I attributed to his nervous pacing looking for girls ;-)
Three weeks later, having been on Life's Abundance and no other foods and I know this isn't my imagination!  He's filling out with more lean muscle, his coat is thicker, silkier and brighter than since he was a kitten and his eyes and sinus condition are significantly improved. Always a sweet and affectionate cat, he's become even more loving, probably because he feels so much better!  Thanks Life's Abundance.   ~ Susan
My old man... Setter-Retriever mix Billy Boy

He's a 14.5 years old, 90# dog who was diagnosed with HD and severe arthritis at the age of 3. I've always watched Billy's weight and had him on a variety of supplements, and of course age will start to show no matter what you do; he was starting to show a little cognitive decline and his energy levels had dropped considerably over the past year ... so I changed his diet over to Life's Abundance hoping for just a little boost, having read about it doing wonderful things for other people's dogs as well as seeing what it's done for my cats. I know this sounds like I'm exaggerating, but Billy's cognition improved dramatically within a week and within 3 weeks his energy levels and general enthusiasm for life are completely turned around. I've also got him on the Agility formula which I just break up into his food bowl each night.  I swear he's suddenly a younger dog!  This boy is my heart, and seeing the new brightness in his eyes brings me joy every day  ~ Susan

Random Cat Testimonials: Many of these were relayed to me in conversation at shows or via phone calls - people can't wait to share their excitement about how their cats are improving after being on the Life's Abundance food for even a short time...

direct email from owner to me:

Hi Susan,
I have switched both cats to Life's Abundance and I wanted to write and thank you for the suggestion. My boy's poop is now "tootsie roll" and no more sticking to his fur! He seems to have less stomach gurgling and less gas. The girl whose fur is that fine matted kind, seems to have less knots. Thanks again!
(and she wrote again 6 weeks later)
The cats are still on the food, and doing just great! I even bought some of the treats, and the difference in their coats is really noticeable. Especially the one that had all the knots! She gets way less matting, and her fur is that fine, cottony type. Thanks again!

My friend's cat PB
Sadly, though her name started as a shortening of Purr Ball, it soon came to stand for Poopy Butt.  At 8.5 years old, this poor girl had lived with chronic diarrhea pretty much her whole life. Her owner had every test run, tried every medication possible, and continually tried new foods; veterinary allergy diets, holistic shelf brands, tons of money and not one answer or any relief.  The family kept sheets on all the furniture, because PB would actually had frequent leakage problems, especially in her sleep - it was really hard on them (and created a LOT of laundry) but they wanted her to have as much of a normal life as possible.
Along came Life's Abundance -- after just two weeks on the new diet she gained control of her functions to where she had no more leakage and she actually had more form to her stools!  One month later, not a single drop outside the box, stools continue to get better form, she has thicker coat and she's gaining weight. Nothing has ever worked for this cat before - Life's Abundance has given her back her original name of Purr Box.

Coty - finicky and too thin

Another stud boy who was more concerned with seeking out girls than eating, and he was very very picky about what he would eat.  His owner put down a bowl of Life's Abundance Premium dry food and he went right for it and has been eating it quite happily for over a month. He's gained some much-needed lean muscle weight and his coat is glossier and smooth.

Purrtty, the Persian

(direct email from the owner to me)

It's working! After just four days of mixing in the Life's Abundance canned food and kibble, Purrtty is purrtty again. She hasn't soiled her pretty coat--or anything else--in all that time, and that's certainly a record! If I hadn't been standing right by her litterbox when she did the deed this morning, I would never have believed it. Aside from you, my vet had her suspicions, we'd already tested for, medicated, and ruled out any parasites or bacterial infections, and we'd cut out corn and wheat, and still the runny tummy persisted. Purrtty's problem had to be the preservatives. So....I placed an order tonight. By the weekend, we should be completely off the Blue Wilderness duck and on Life's Abundance.
Thanks so much!
Jan Tunnicliff

Black cat in the sun
My Black and White Maine Coon, Desperado, loves nothing more than to lie in his big sunny window and his coat had changed from a dark glossy black to a rusty shade of red from the sunlight.  After just 6 weeks on Life's Abundance his coat is BLACK again, and he still spends all daylight hours hanging out in his window, so it must be the food.  He also likes to lick his ruff area and had developed an ugly brownish-yellow stain right in the middle of his white chest from the saliva - the stained part is growing out and even though he still licks there a lot the discoloration isn't coming back. It has to be the effects of Life's Abundance.  My beautiful Black and White show cat is once again truly Black and White!

David Fry

Hank the Devon Rex with chronic watery eyes

It was a daily chore, along with scooping litter boxes I had to take a wash cloth and wipe down Hank's face where his one eye constantly exuded discharge. Even with daily attention and cleaning, he would get crud in the fur and the skin along that side of his face would get red and irritated and his face had an unpleasant smell to it as well.  We tried all kinds of medications and nothing would clear up this eye problem.  After I'd had the cats on Life's Abundance for a couple of weeks I realized I hadn't had to clean Hank's face in several days!  I grabbed him and gave him a good look - his "ugly" eye was perfect, no discharge at all, the skin around the eye was pink and healthy and the hair was all growing back.  It's been three months now on Life's Abundance and Hank looks like a new cat.


The Scooping Chore
Deb Lamb (Maine Coon Breeder) has a very specific method of scooping her litter boxes daily: she has a bucket that she carries around the house and for years it's been pretty standard that she collected 2 full buckets of solid matter from the boxes each day (dump the first one, go back to the rest of the boxes in the house and fill it a second time)  After about a month on Life's Abundance exclusively she says now she can scoop every box in her house and not fill the bucket to the top even once. Not only are her cats healthy and looking great, her cattery work load has reduced significantly!  That's a big deal for those of us with multiple cats :-)

My food costs/usage

A fellow cat breeder asked me specifically how much less are the cats eating now compared to when I fed them another dry food... I do give everyone a treat of raw meat daily, but I free-feed dry.  I sat down and put together some figures, pulling out old receipts from Royal Canin and the other bags I bought locally (Taste of the Wild, Wilderness, etc.)  Calculating a time frame of 75 days when I had the same population in the house (11 adults and 4 kittens around 8-12 weeks old) I used (they ate) approximately 180 pounds of dry food. In the same time frame on a diet of Life's Abundance exclusively, I used (they ate) 100 pounds of food.  Almost half as much!!  Obviously they're getting full nutrition and don't need to eat nearly as much as they did on the other dry formulas.  I used to buy about two 30# bags of Royal Canin every month and then add a little of other premium formulas to the mix -- now one 40# bag of Life's Abundance lasts me 5 weeks, even with piggy little kittens in the house scarfing it up! (You can only buy the 40# Breeder Bags if you sign up as a field rep, but the 16.5 # bags go a long way if you don't have as many in the house as I do ;-)  

Random DOG Testimonials:
These were pulled from a site where Life's Abundance reps share their clients' stories, as I don't have many dog-clients yet - I welcome any direct emails regarding your dogs' experiences after switching to Life's Abundance:

Allergies with my Boxer
I had to write and thank you for the amazing dog food product that you produce! My 2 year old boxer has had allergies ever since we got her at age 17 months. She lost her toenails, had swollen paws and started bleeding around the nails … In addition, in spite of changing her food carefully several times to find something that agreed with her digestion, her “poops” remained soft and almost formless. In searching the web for help, I discovered your website and it was one of the testimonials about a highly allergic boxer that convinced me to try your product. We are just starting our second bag, which we are now auto-shipping, and the difference in Lilly is nothing short of amazing. Her poops became normal in about 2 days … Her paws are no longer swollen and she has ceased licking them constantly. You have a very grateful customer and a very happy, healthy dog.

Normal Stools
We are so happy to have found the information on your website and to have ordered your dog food. We have a new Doberman puppy that was not doing well on the puppy food that she was eating. It was very hard to watch her stools be almost liquid day after day. Being she was doing so poorly on her old food I switched her immediately to Life's Abundance even though a slow mix to switch is recommended. (She tried to tear the Life's Abundance Food bag open when it came.) Life's Abundance Dog food has turned that all around. Her stools went to normal within two feedings. Her coat is shiny and soft and she is feeling much better and this is just her first week of Life’s Abundance healthy food. It is so wonderful to see her feeling so much better and thriving on great food. We love to know that what we are feeding her is so healthy for her. Thanks for providing such a great product!!

I have had my two pit bull and lab mix puppies on different foods for the last year, trying in vain to correct their allergies as both dogs had a feverish red stomach and were itching all the time. After meeting (a Life’s Abundance Rep), I decided to try their Life's Abundance holistic dog food and was pleasantly surprised to see my dogs stomachs clear up considerably and also their itching has stopped. I feel really good that I am taking care of my dogs in such a wonderful way and will tell everyone about this dog food. Thanks Life’s Abundance!

Breeder - Longhaired Miniature Dachshunds
I LOVE Life's Abundance. I was trying food after food after food. Either one dog was getting diarrhea or one was vomiting every morning or one was having small unhealthy litters. Look! One food for all my dogs! No more itchy skin, no more major diarrhea, no more morning vomiting. Since switching to Life's Abundance my girls are having healthy litters with better labor. I was not happy, with the skin and coat of my dogs until switching to Life's Abundance. I don't think I had my dogs on any one food for more than 6 months at a time, because I kept switching to find a better food. I've had my dogs eating Life's Abundance for over two years now and I'M HAPPY! Better yet, my dogs are HAPPY. The puppies are weaned right to Life's Abundance and they are GREAT! Yes, there is a miracle food, it's called Life's Abundance.

Dogs are doing better after changing to Life's Abundance
I have three ShihTzu's. ET had to have surgery for bladder stones before she was two years old. Her urine has not been acidic enough even with food the vet recomended.
Cricket (from the same litter as ET) has started having kidney problems recently. Her urine also was not acidic enough.
I have been giving them Life's Abundance for about two months so I took specimins to the vet and finally got a good report on both dogs.

Elderly German Shepherd
I raise and sell German Shepherds, and my 16 year girl was in relatively
good health for her age, but was limited as far as her walks, which
ended up being just in the yard this past year to appease her as she saw all the others going off for their long walks and I could tell she felt bad she could not go!
I was told about LA and how it could help prolong her life and even increase her ability to go for longer walks again, and of course to me, that was a No-Brainer to give LA a chance to prove itself to me and to my Riley girl!

All I can say is WOW, DOUBLE WOW, and TRIPLE WOW!
Life's Abundance has truly made a huge difference, even in the life of a 16 year old Shepherd who has been cared for to the best of my ability as well as I knew how, which was supposedly a brand I was informed to be very good (Blue) and incorporated a raw diet along with it.  I look was the raw part of their diet that has sustained these dogs, NOT the FOOD!  And all this time I felt I was doing the very best I could do. Now, they get just the Life's Abundance as I feel that even the raw meat could be full of contaminates as it comes from non-organic sources.

This is proof in real life, it doesn't get any better than this for my Riley Girl!"

Professional Trainer - The Power of Good Nutrition
I know this is anecdotal, but feel the need to post. I have a client who owns an OES. this dog is high-energy, and often gets loose stools and the runs. The client has tried many commercial pet foods, from prescription to ultra high-end. NOTHING has helped Clyde, their OES. He'll exhibit the runs, they will fast him for 24 hours, then put him on a broth and rice diet, and it goes away. Test after test at the vet only came up with: intermittent colitis. I worked on this client for 2.5 months. I discussed my personal observations regarding results on my own dog, I shared many other client's testimonials. Their answer was always that they'd tried "the food route", and nothing will help Clyde. Finally, they accepted an 8 lb. sample bag to try. Fast forward 5 months......Clyde has NEVER exhibited the runs since switching to Life's Abundance. his coat is softer, his skin no longer flaky. His eyes are clear, and their only complaint is that his nails grow twice as fast as they used to! I've explained to them that the nails and coat and skin all show improvement because NOW the dog is getting enough good nutrition for it to end up in those areas......that typically the last organ a dog fuels via nutrition is the skin and coat; and only if there is anything left over after the other major organs get fueled. They are believers, and have referred 5 other retail clients to me. This formula is phenomenal.........

In the beginning my cats were picking out the Royal Canin and not totally excited about the new stuff, but I just kept upping the amount of Life's Abundance and reducing the other dry foods in their mix until they had no choice -- they adjusted quite quickly and all eat it quite happily now. It's well known that most of those shelf foods have some kind of addictive flavor coating they put on the foods to make cats really go for it (like heroin or something?? No, just artificial flavoring that has no relation to any living thing) but once they get adjusted to the Life's Abundance, and you see for yourself how well they do on the diet, you can't imagine feeding anything else!  On the other hand, my dogs went immediately for the Life's Abundance formula with extreme gusto!  I've heard from some cat people about a few cats being a little picky when they started the change-over, (while others love it from the very beginning) but dogs seem to go wild for the taste.  Maybe cats are just more finicky, maybe the food manufacturers put more "addictive" additives in their cat foods to discourage owners from changing brands ... Even if they need some time to get used to it (mine didn't put up much of a fuss :-) the benefits of a healthier, higher quality of life and the very real life-threatening dangers of the preservatives and additives, the danger of molds and bacteria growing because of food being improperly stored ... so many questionable things about those other foods make the changeover efforts pay off.
Life's Abundance is the one and only food you'll find in my cats' and dogs' bowls for the rest of their lives!
~ Susan

improve your cats' health and vitality

one amazing food for all life stages


improve your dogs' health and vitality

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one amazing food for all life stages
(and one for weight control too)

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