Maine Coon Cats & Kittens in Maryland


Application for purchase


These kitties are very precious to me, so please understand my need to research the homes of anyone who wishes to buy one!


CFA Registered, Grand Champion Bloodlines, with numerous Regional + National and International Winners in pedigrees

Shots (3-way kitten, at least 2), 2 wormings -  history of weights, veterinary exams and vaccinations are supplied with kitten, along with written health guarantee

Vet - Dr. Benson, Advanced Veterinary Complex - Reisterstown, MD

Phone: 410-833-0500




Application for Purchase/Adoption Maine Coon



First, please indicate if you are interested in a specific kitten or adult currently available or if you are looking for a kitten from an anticipated breeding in the future.





Street Address:_________________________________________________


City, State, zip: _________________________________________________


email address: __________________________________________________

alternate email__________________________________________________


Daytime phone__________________________________________________

Evening Phone __________________________________________________


Do you own your home or rent? ____________________________________


Are there any restrictions on pets in your household, neighborhood or community?____________________________________________________



Veterinarian Name: ______________________________________________

Phone: (____)___________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________


I hereby give permission for my vet to release information regarding my pet's care per this application for ownership of a Maine Coon Kitten:



- applicant signature or e-mail authorization -


Please answer the following questions.
Use as much detail as you'd like:


·         How did you hear about or find MooseCoons Cattery of Excellence?


·         Why do you want a purebred pedigreed Maine Coon Cat?


·         What color(s) and/or sex preference do you have in kitten or cat? 


·         If no kittens are currently available, do you want to be placed on a waiting list?


·         Do you have someone reliable to care for cat(s)/kitten(s) when you go on vacation or are away from home, even in case of emergency?


·         Do you have Children at home?


·         If yes, please list their names and ages  


·         For children under 16, how are they supervised when a parent or guardian is not home? Have they been taught proper handling and respect for animals?


·         Are you able to visit my home cattery for a personal interview? Can other members of the household come also?  


·         Is it possible to conduct a personal interview in your home?


·         Please list any pets currently in household, and the type, breed and age of each.


·         Please list any pets you have had in the past ten years and, if no longer with you, why.


·         For the above two questions, please note if these pets were/are seen by your current vet? If no, please list also contact information for the previous vet and the name(s) of the animal(s) seen there.  


·         Will the kitten(s)/cat(s) have a "private space" where it can get away from children, other pets or visitors or the vacuum cleaner?


·         Please state your philosophy on cat ownership and responsibilities including: Should cats be allowed access to outdoors and if so, how?  Should pets be spayed or neutered and if so when?  How often does a cat need to be vetted and why?  How do you feel about declawing of indoor cats?  Should pets be included in the family’s annual Holiday Photo? (okay that last one I’m just kidding J


·         Please list other references (breeders you've bought from, pet-sitter, neighbors…) Please list at least two names + phone # with area code - Thank you



If you are submitting your application via email, please print out this page and use it as a reference to respond to all questions appropriately. If you would prefer to use regular postal service to submit your written application, email me for my address. I will call or email you within a few days to confirm receipt of your application. Again, please specify the cat(s)/kitten(s) you want to buy and when you are hoping to bring it home!



Maine Coon __ Maine Coons  __  Maine Coon Breeder Maryland  __  Maine Coon Kittens  __  Maine Coon Cats in Maryland



Send application information (or request my mailing address)


Maine Coon Cats & Kittens in Maryland


Maine Coon __ Maine Coons  __  Maine Coon Breeder Maryland  __  Maine Coon Kittens  __  Maine Coon Cats in Maryland

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